The DS Group is a well established company in the field of mold manufacturing and the plastic products moulding, founded by the Dal Sasso brothers and locatedĀ  40 km at the South of Rome).

The company is known and appreciated throughout all the Italian territory for its production. The 40 years of experience achieved in his specific sectors have enabled the acquisition of specific and distinctive technical skills and technological knowledge, so that, the DS GROUP company obtained a leadership within the specific market.
The continuos investments in research and development (product and process) have characterized the company for its high technological level and allowed the creation of the current production site in Aprilia with about 4000 square meters equipped with cutting – edge machines driven by over 50 resources used in the process, both for molding and molds areas, all highly qualified and continuously updated.

The production process is managed by the most innovative IT systems, starting from the order, to the final product delivery.

The DS Group obtained a leading position offering high-quality, low-cost solutions and globally competitive pricing, we are sure that you can have benefits from all our services.